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Joey McMahon / GigaScout - Pro - Fan
Team:   New York Rangers Description: New York City - Madison Square Garden Assessor: Joey McMahon  

Team Analysis  
1. Importance Very important  
New York Rangers

The New York Rangers are one of the top teams in the NHL in 2014, and need to be closely followed.

2. Wisdom Important  
Henrik Lundqvist Henry Lundqvist is a stalwart goalie who can shutdown opponents and make a Stanley Cup championship a possibility for the Rangers
Mats Zuccarello Mats Zuccarello is the offensive powerhouse for the Rangers. As Zuccarello goes, so go the Rangers.
3. Knowledge Important  
NY Rangers Jerseys The Rangers need to score 4 goals or more on average and hold LA Kings to 2 goals or less on average to win the Stanley Cup in 2014
4. Current Assessment Awesome  
NY Rangers The New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup finals and poised to win. Hot goaltending, timely offense, and a deep sense of duty and mission fuel the team.
5. Future Assessment Awesome  
NY Rangers The Rangers have a good mix of veterans and younger players. They are going to be a contending team for the next 5 years.
6. Risk Very Low  
NY Rangers The Rangers have a very low risk of losing focus or motivation in the 2014 Stanley Cup finals. Injuries have not been a factor.
7. Practice Plan Assigned  
8. Game Plan Key  
9. Winning Probability 75%  
10. Division Contender Contender  
11. Betting Good  
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   20% 4+ goals
2. Good   20% 3+ goals
3. Fair   50% 2+ goals
4. Bad   10% 1+ goals
5. Terrible   0% 0 goals

Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Mental toughness   Important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Team chemistry   Important   Awesome   Awesome
3. Winning passion   Important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Adversity   Important   Awesome   Awesome
5. Athleticism   Important   Awesome   Awesome
6. Defensive checking   Important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Dodging   Important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Forechecking   Important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Man-on-man defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. Passing   Important   Awesome   Awesome
11. Penalty killing   Important   Awesome   Awesome
12. Physicality   Important   Awesome   Awesome
13. Power play   Important   Awesome   Awesome
14. Scoring   Important   Awesome   Awesome
15. Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
16. Skating   Important   Awesome   Awesome
17. Zone defense   Important   Awesome   Awesome
18. Intellect   Important   Awesome   Awesome

Player Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. BRIAN BOYLE     Neutral   Fair   Fair
2. DERICK BRASSARD     Very important   Awesome   Awesome
3. DANIEL CARCILLO     Neutral   Fair   Fair
4. DEREK DORSETT     Neutral   Fair   Fair
5. JESPER FAST     Neutral   Fair   Fair
6. CARL HAGELIN     Important   Good   Good
7. RYAN HAGGERTY     Neutral   Fair   Fair
8. CHRIS KREIDER     Important   Good   Good
9. J.T. MILLER     Neutral   Fair   Fair
10. DOMINIC MOORE     Neutral   Fair   Fair
11. RICK NASH     Important   Good   Good
12. BENOIT POULIOT     Important   Good   Good
13. BRAD RICHARDS "A"    Very important   Awesome   Awesome
14. MARTIN ST. LOUIS     Neutral   Fair   Fair
15. DEREK STEPAN     Very important   Awesome   Awesome
16. MATS ZUCCARELLO     Very important   Awesome   Awesome
17. RAPHAEL DIAZ     Neutral   Fair   Fair
18. JUSTIN FALK     Neutral   Fair   Fair
19. DAN GIRARDI "A"    Important   Good   Good
20. KEVIN KLEIN     Neutral   Fair   Fair
21. RYAN MCDONAGH     Very important   Awesome   Awesome
22. JOHN MOORE     Neutral   Fair   Fair
23. MARC STAAL "A"    Important   Good   Good
24. ANTON STRALMAN     Neutral   Fair   Fair
25. HENRIK LUNDQVIST     Very important   Awesome   Awesome
26. CAM TALBOT     Important   Good   Good

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