GigaScout Player and Team Assessment  
Name: Greg Devlin
Position: Guard (G)
Description: Greg is a sophomore on the varsity team at Phillips Academy Andover.
Assessor: Greg Devlin - Self
Greg dribbling at PA, 2012
Greg shooting 2 pt shot at Exeter, 2012
Greg PA 2011, JV1 mixtape

Player Analysis  
1. Importance Very important   It is important to do a critical self-analysis yearly.
2. Wisdom Important   Focusing on those skills and team play that can get better will help me and my team.

3. Knowledge Important   I am developing the skills to play both the 1 position (point guard) and 2 position (shooting guard).

4. Current Assessment Awesome   My offensive play is my strength now. As I grow taller and stronger, my defense will become more important.
5. Future Assessment Awesome   Making the starting rotation on the PA team is a future event. Growing bigger and stronger will help in my junior and senior years.
6. Risk Very Low   Going to Phillips Academy Andover, getting good grades, and playing basketball is a lot of work. Need to do more for community service.
7. Practice Plan Assigned   Practicing one hour every day in the gym is the goal.
8. Game Plan Key   As a point guard, I need to be a leader in assists, and one of the top three scorers.

As a shooting guard, I need to be one of the top two scorers on the team.

Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   100% My game is going to continue to get much better as I grow and get stronger.
2. Good   0%    
3. Fair   0%
4. Bad   0%
5. Terrible   0%
Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 3 Pt Shooting   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Dribbling   Very important   Good   Awesome
3. Foul shots   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Assists   Very important   Good   Good
5. Man-on-man defense   Very important   Good   Awesome
6. Passing   Very important   Good   Good
7. Press break   Very important   Good   Awesome
8. Shooting   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
9. Fast break   Important   Good   Good
10. Press   Important   Good   Good
11. Rebounding   Important   Fair   Good
12. Steals   Important   Good   Good
13. Turnovers   Important   Good   Awesome
14. Zone defense   Important   Good   Good

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