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Team: Boston Celtics
Description: Boston - TD Garden
Assessor: Joey McMahon
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Boston Celtics
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Team Analysis  
1. Importance Important   The Celtics have the most NBA championships in the league's history. They are perennial contenders for the championship.
2. Wisdom Important   The type of basketball the Celtics play, which emphasizes defense first, is followed closely by every other team in the league.
3. Knowledge Important   The key to the Celtics is Rajon Rondo. The more points and assists he has, the better the team does. The other key is Kevin Garnett. He needs to have at least 8 rebounds a game to be a factor. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are consistent contributors. The Celtics have a good bench.
4. Current Assessment Good   The surging Celtics are riding the wave thanks to Fajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett. "Doc" Rivers, the coach, has them playing solid defense. Their main issue is offense which can be sporadic, and transition defense, which can be absent against younger, more aggressive teams.
5. Future Assessment Awesome   The Celtics are in a wonderful position to get to the conf finals, and beat a weary Heat team.
6. Risk Medium   The Celtics face a number of injuries: Ray Allen (bone spurs in his ankle), Avery Bradley (dislocated shoulder), Paul Pierce (sprained knee).
7. Practice Plan Assigned  
8. Game Plan Key   The Celtics game plan is to play hard nosed, tight defense, with a set offense that shoots a high percentage and keeps turnovers down.
9. Winning Probability  
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   40% go to finals
2. Good   40% go to conf finals
3. Fair   20% lose in conf semis
4. Bad   0%
5. Terrible   0%

Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Zone defense   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
2. 3 Pt Shooting   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
3. Assists   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
4. Adversity   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
5. Mental toughness   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
6. Team chemistry   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
7. Winning passion   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
8. Fast break   Important   Good   Good
9. Foul shots   Important   Awesome   Awesome
10. Man-on-man defense   Important   Good   Good
11. Blocked shots   Important   Good   Good
12. Dribbling   Important   Good   Good
13. Passing   Important   Good   Good
14. Press   Important   Good   Good
15. Press break   Important   Good   Good
16. Rebounding   Important   Fair   Fair
17. Shooting   Important   Awesome   Awesome
18. Steals   Important   Good   Good
19. Turnovers   Important   Good   Good

Player Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. Ray Allen   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
2. Brandon Bass   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
3. Avery Bradley   Important   Good   Good
4. Marquis Daniels   Important   Good   Good
5. Keyon Dooling   Important   Good   Good
6. Kevin Garnett   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
7. JaJuan Johnson   Important   Good   Good
8. E'Twaun Moore   Neutral   Fair   Fair
9. Sasha Pavlovic   Neutral   Fair   Fair
10. Mickael Pietrus   Important   Good   Good
11. Paul Pierce   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
12. Rajon Rondo   Very important   Awesome   Awesome
13. Greg Stiemsma   Important   Good   Good
14. Ryan Hollins   Important   Good   Good
15. Sean Williams   Neutral   Fair   Fair

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