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Event: SuperBowl XLVII
Type: Championship
Date: 02/03/2013
Location: SuperDome, New Orleans, LA
Analyst: Joey McMahon
San Francisco 49ers
(Joey McMahon)
Baltimore Ravens
(Joey McMahon)
1. Coaching - Defensive strategy Awesome Awesome
2. Coaching - Kicking strategy Awesome Awesome
3. Coaching - Offensive strategy Awesome Good
4. Defense - Pass coverage Awesome Awesome
5. Defense - Pass rush Awesome Good
6. Defense - Run stop Awesome Awesome
7. Defense - Taclking Awesome Awesome
8. Kick - Coverage Awesome Awesome
9. Kick - Return Awesome Awesome
10. Offense - Blocking Awesome Awesome
11. Offense - Passing Awesome Good
12. Offense - Running Awesome Awesome
13. Punt Coverage Awesome Awesome
14. Punt Return Awesome Awesome
15. Team - Defensive execution Awesome Awesome
16. Team - Kicking execution Awesome Awesome
17. Team - Offensive execution Awesome Good
18. Adversity Awesome Awesome
19. Athleticism Awesome Awesome
20. Consistency Awesome Awesome
21. Intellect Awesome Awesome
22. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
23. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
24. Winning passion Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. San Francisco 49ers - Strengths Very High   SF 49ers offense has been strong in the playoffs. The passing game and running game have been very effective and efficient. Their defense has been a stalwart, with good pass rushes, interceptions, and run tackling.

2. San Francisco 49ers - Weaknesses Very Low   49ers don't have any glaring weaknesses. They are a very tough, physical team that will stay in the fight and not fold.
3. San Francisco 49ers - Keys Important   Keys to 49ers success in SuperBowl XLVII starts with their defense. They have to hold the Ravens to less than 125 yds of rushing, and less than 250 yds of passing. They have to protect Kaepernick in the pocket, and he needs to deliver an outstanding performance, especially completing passes into the middle of the field. SF needs to get 300+ yds of passing, and 150+ yds of rushing to win. Their field goal kicker cannot miss any field goals.

4. Baltimore Ravens - Strengths Very High   The Ravens QB (Joe Flacco) is having an outstanding playoff series. He's been well protected, completed a high percentage of passes, spread the ball across the field, and been effective with play action. Ray Lewis (LB) has anchored a spirited and talented defense that has run the gauntlet of top AFC offensive teams.

5. Baltimore Ravens - Weaknesses Very Low   If the Ravens have a weakness, it hasn't been apparent over the past 3 playoff games. They've beaten the Colts, the Broncos and the Patriots.
6. Baltimore Ravens - Keys Important   The key for the Ravens will be holding SF to less than 250 yds of passing, less than 125 yds of rushing, forcing SF to kick field goals when they have the ball in the red zone, and conversely, rushing for more than 150 yds, and passing for more than 300 yds, and scoring touchdowns instead of kicking field goals when inside the red zone.

7. Advantage Baltimore Ravens  

Baltimore Ravens logo 24 SF 49ers 21

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