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Event: Bruins vs Blackhawks
Type: Championship
Tourn: NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2013 - Stanley Cup Finals
Game: 5
Date: 2013-06-22
Location: United Center, Chicago, IL
Analyst: Joey McMahon
Boston Bruins
(Joey McMahon)
Chicago Blackhawks
(Joey McMahon)
1. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
2. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
3. Winning passion Awesome Awesome
4. Adversity Awesome Awesome
5. Athleticism Awesome Awesome
6. Defensive checking Awesome Awesome
7. Dodging Awesome Awesome
8. Forechecking Awesome Awesome
9. Man-on-man defense Awesome Awesome
10. Passing Awesome Awesome
11. Penalty killing Awesome Awesome
12. Physicality Awesome Awesome
13. Power play Awesome Awesome
14. Scoring Awesome Awesome
15. Shooting Awesome Awesome
16. Skating Awesome Awesome
17. Zone defense Awesome Awesome
18. Intellect Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. Boston Bruins - Strengths Very High  


The Boston Bruins strength comes from their dogged determination that they are champions, and can defeat any foe. They have an outstanding goalie which is a requirement to win a championship, tenacious defense, and opportunistic offense.

2. Boston Bruins - Weaknesses Very Low  

The only weakness of the Bruins is that they are human, can get tired, can make mistakes, and can miss opp.ortunities

3. Boston Bruins - Keys Important  


Tuuka Rask has to continue to be sterling in goal


bruins forward


Offensive firepower has to be productive 


Lock-down defense by Bruins

4. Chicago Blackhawks - Strengths Very High  


Wide open, fast skating, high powered, offensive minded hockey defines the Chicago Blackhawks. Winningest team during the 2012-2013 season, the Blackhawks are a powerful team.

5. Chicago Blackhawks - Weaknesses Very Low  

Blackhawks weakness is their goalie's ability to stop shots high to the glove side.

6. Chicago Blackhawks - Keys Important  

Chicago needs to produce and capitalize on second chance opportunities. Chicago has to concentrate on their game which is speed. Being physical is a second priority.

7. Advantage Boston Bruins  

bruins  4  blackhawks 3

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