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  Event Competitive Analysis
Event: Spurs vs Heat
Type: Championship
Tourn: NBA Finals 2013 - Fourth Round
Game: 7
Date: 2013-06-20
Location: Miami, FL
Analyst: Joey McMahon
San Antonio Spurs
(Joey McMahon)
Miami Heat
(Joey McMahon)
1. Fast break Awesome Awesome
2. Foul shots Awesome Awesome
3. Man-on-man defense Awesome Awesome
4. Zone defense Awesome Awesome
5. 3 Pt Shooting Awesome Awesome
6. Assists Awesome Awesome
7. Blocked shots Awesome Awesome
8. Dribbling Awesome Awesome
9. Passing Awesome Awesome
10. Press Awesome Awesome
11. Press break Awesome Awesome
12. Rebounding Awesome Awesome
13. Shooting Awesome Awesome
14. Steals Awesome Awesome
15. Turnovers Awesome Awesome
16. Adversity Awesome Awesome
17. Mental toughness Awesome Awesome
18. Team chemistry Awesome Awesome
19. Winning passion Awesome Awesome

Event Analysis  
1. San Antonio Spurs - Strengths Very High  


Through the first 6 games of the 2013 NBA championships, the Spurs have shown that they can play lock down defense, score at the rim, and shoot the three. They are a veteran championship team that has not lost a step and can bring the game to the Heat.

2. San Antonio Spurs - Weaknesses Low  

How can the Spurs hold Lebron James to less than 20 pts? That's the challenge, and the lone weakness for the Spurs. The ability to truly shut down the other team's superstar.

3. San Antonio Spurs - Keys Important  

Spurs key starts with the outstanding play of Tony Parker, who needs to score 10 and assist in 15 per game; Tim Duncan who needs to play at least 30 minutes and contribute 14 pts and 10 rebounds, and Manu Ginobli who needs to score 15 pts. The Spurs role players are excellent, and the team defense solid. Green needs to continue to shoot an outstanding 3.

4. Miami Heat - Strengths Very High  


Miami Heat are the defending NBA champions. Anchored by the NBA MVP Lebron James, the Heat are formidable in every aspect of the game. What they lack in height they make up in skill and athleticism. Tough defense, explosive fast break offense, and will to win distinguish the Heat.

5. Miami Heat - Weaknesses Very Low  

The Heat's weaknesses revolve around inconsistent play of both Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, as well as underwhelming support from other role players at points in time. While the Heat do not have a 7'0" player, their height has been an issue, but not enough to prevent them from winning and advancing in the tournament.

6. Miami Heat - Keys Important  

Keys to Miami's game start with Lebron James. He has to simultaneously be the star of the team, leading in categories such as points (25+) and rebounds (12+), but also assists. He needs to get his teammates involved. He needs to take less than 25 shots. Dwayne Wade needs to score at least 14 pts, as well as Bosh. Ray Allen needs at least 6 three point attempts.

7. Advantage Miami Heat  

Game 7 at Miami... no road team has won a game 7 in 35 years. And it won't happen tonight. Hard fought game to the bitter end, though. Miami prevails and wins second straight NBA championship.


heat logo 93 spurs 89


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