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Bill Parcells / NY Giants model
Name: NY Giants
Description: NY Giants, East Rutherford, NJ
Author: Frank Gifford
Team Analysis  
1. Importance Very important   The Giants are the NFC champs and playing in SuperBowl XLVI.
2. Wisdom Important   The NY Giants have an outstanding quarterback, Eli Manning, a very solid offense, an outstanding defense and a superb coaching staff. They are a championship caliber team that rises to the moment.
3. Knowledge Important   The Giants are a team that can rally from behind. At no point in a game are they out of it. They can run the ball to control if ahead. They can pass the ball effectively to catch up. Their defense can pressure the QB, and they usually win the turnover battle. Their kicking game is effective. They make excellent strategic adjustments within the course of a game.
4. Current Assessment Awesome   The NY Giants are solid, top to bottom.
5. Game Plan Key   The game plan for SuperBowl XLVI is to establish an effective running game, then open up a passing game with play action, score every time in the red zone, and put pressure on Brady when passing. Win the turnover battle by at least two possessions, and kick effectively.
Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   50% > 7 pts Eli Manning throws for 3 TD's and over 400 yds en route to a 35 - 21 victory over the NE Patriots.
2. Good   40% > 3 pts Eli Manning leads a 4th quarter comeback, and the NY Giants win the rematch.
3. Fair   10% < 3 pts In an epic battle, the NY Giants win by 1 pt on a last minute field goal in regulation.
4. Bad   0% The NY Giants won't lose.
5. Terrible   0% The NY Giants won't lose.
Key Factors

Key Factor Importance   Current Assessment  
1. Coaching - Defensive strategy   Very important   Awesome
2. Coaching - Offensive strategy   Very important   Awesome
3. Defense - Pass coverage   Very important   Awesome
4. Defense - Pass rush   Very important   Awesome
5. Offense - Blocking   Very important   Awesome
6. Offense - Passing   Very important   Awesome
7. Offense - Running   Very important   Awesome
8. Team - Defensive execution   Very important   Good
9. Team - Kicking execution   Very important   Good
10. Team - Offensive execution   Very important   Awesome
11. Coaching - Kicking strategy   Important   Good
12. Defense - Run stop   Important   Good
13. Defense - Taclking   Important   Good
14. Kick - Coverage   Important   Good
15. Kick - Return   Important   Good
Linked Entities

Player Importance   Current Assessment  
1. Amukamara, Prince   Important   Good
2. Baas, David   Important   Fair
3. Ballard, Jake   Very important   Awesome
4. Barden, Ramses   Important   Good
5. Beckum, Travis   Important   Good
6. Bernard, Rocky   Important   Fair
7. Blackburn, Chase   Not important   Good
8. Blackmon, Will   Important   Good
9. Boley, Michael   Important   Good
10. Boothe, Kevin   Important   Good
11. Bradshaw, Ahmad   Very important   Good
12. Brewer, James   Important   Fair
13. Canty, Chris   Very important   Awesome
14. Carr, David   Important   Good
15. Cordle, Jim   Important   Good
16. Cruz, Victor   Very important   Awesome
17. DeOssie, Zak   Important   Good
18. Diehl, David   Important   Good
19. Grant, Deon   Important   Good
20. Herzlich, Mark   Important   Good
21. Hynoski, Henry   Important   Fair
22. Jacobs, Brandon   Very important   Awesome
23. Jernigan, Jerrel   Not important   Good
24. Jones, Greg   Important   Good
25. Joseph, Linval   Important   Good
26. Kennedy, Jimmy   Important   Fair
27. Kiwanuka, Mathias   Very important   Good
28. Manning, Eli   Very important   Awesome
29. Manningham, Mario   Important   Good
30. Martin, Derrick   Important   Good
31. McKenzie, Kareem   Important   Good
32. Nicks, Hakeem   Important   Fair
33. Pascoe, Bear   Important   Good
34. Paysinger, Spencer   Very important   Awesome
35. Petrus, Mitch   Important   Good
36. Phillips, Kenny   Important   Good
37. Pierre-Paul, Jason   Important   Good
38. Rolle, Antrel   Very important   Awesome
39. Ross, Aaron   Important   Fair
40. Sash, Tyler   Important   Good
41. Scott, Darrel   Important   Good
42. Snee, Chris   Very important   Good
43. Thomas, Devin   Important   Good
44. Tollefson, Dave   Important   Good
45. Trattou, Justin   Important   Good
46. Tuck, Justin   Important   Fair
47. Tynes, Lawrence   Important   Good
48. Ugoh, Tony   Important   Fair
49. Umenyiora, Osi   Important   Fair
50. Ware, D.J   Important   Good
51. Weatherford, Steve   Important   Fair
52. Webster, Corey   Important   Fair
53. Williams, Jacquian   Important   Good
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