GigaScout Player and Team Assessment  
Teams: NY Giants vs. NE Patriots
Description: SuperBowl XLVI
Date: February 5, 2012
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
Author: Greg Devlin
NY Giants Team Summary  
1. Importance Very important   The Giants are the NFC champs and playing in SuperBowl XLVI.
2. Wisdom Important   The NY Giants have an outstanding quarterback, Eli Manning, a very solid offense, an outstanding defense and a superb coaching staff. They are a championship caliber team that rises to the moment.
3. Knowledge Important   The Giants are a team that can rally from behind. At no point in a game are they out of it. They can run the ball to control if ahead. They can pass the ball effectively to catch up. Their defense can pressure the QB, and they usually win the turnover battle. Their kicking game is effective. They make excellent strategic adjustments within the course of a game.
4. Current Assessment Awesome   The NY Giants are solid, top to bottom.
5. Game Plan Key   The game plan for SuperBowl XLVI is to establish an effective running game, then open up a passing game with play action, score every time in the red zone, and put pressure on Brady when passing. Win the turnover battle by at least two possessions, and kick effectively.
NE Patriots Team Summary  
1. Importance Very important   The New England Patriots are perennial division leaders in the AFC. They have won three Super Bowl's with quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick. They are the AFC champs in SuperBowl XLVI.
2. Wisdom Important   As Tom Brady goes, so go the Patriots. Their offense is solid, especially TE Ron Gronkowski. Their defense bends but doesn't break, and comes up with big plays at crucial moments in big games. Their kicking game is solid, and the coaching staff one of the best in the NFL.
3. Knowledge Important   If the Patriots get up by two scores in the 4th quarter, then they are hard to beat. They need to pass for at least 60% of the plays, but no more than 75%. Their running game has to accrue more than 80 yards. Their time of possession has to be at least 24 minutes. Their defense needs to have at least 3 sacks and 10 rushed passes, and keep the opponent to less than 100 yards rushing. The kicking game needs to dictate field position.
4. Current Assessment Good   Overall, the Patriots are a good football team, with some talented players at key skill positions, and an outstanding coaching staff. Their will to win, and ability to win, is superb.
5. Game Plan Key   The goal for the Patriots is to be ahead by more than 7 points starting the fourth quarter. The Patriots need to be successful in passing to beat the Giants. The Patriots need to get points every time they are in the red zone. The Patriots defense needs to bring pressure on Eli Manning, and need to force and recover at least two turnovers.
Key Game Factors

Key Game Factor NY Giants   NE Patriots  
1. Coaching - Defensive strategy   Awesome   Good
2. Coaching - Offensive strategy   Awesome   Awesome
3. Defense - Pass coverage   Awesome   Awesome
4. Defense - Pass rush   Awesome   Good
5. Offense - Blocking   Awesome   Awesome
6. Offense - Passing   Awesome   Awesome
7. Offense - Running   Awesome   Fair
8. Team - Defensive execution   Good   Good
9. Team - Kicking execution   Good   Good
10. Team - Offensive execution   Awesome   Awesome
11. Coaching - Kicking strategy   Good   Good
12. Defense - Run stop   Good   Good
13. Defense - Taclking   Good   Good
14. Kick - Coverage   Good   Good
15. Kick - Return   Good   Good
Key Game Factor Analysis
  The game hinges on two key factors: the passing game of the NE Patriots vs. the pass rush of the NY Giants, and the pass coverage of the NE Patriots vs. the passing game of the NY Giants. At a critical point in the game, the Patriots will have to show that they can run the ball to gain 3 or 4 yards to keep posession and run the clock.  

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